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We Take The Time To Understand

Our long standing association and involvement in the Finance Industry has given us an intimate understanding of the Finance needs of our clients. This understanding allows us to provide the right products, services and advise to ensure you receive the right finance product for your individual situation. The bottom line is that we are just as concerned about you and your finance as you are.

We Give You What You Want

At Ascend tailored finance our objective is to give our customers what they want, when they want it and how they want it with the best advice. In that regard, we are not just an Finance Company that sells products and services. We exist to “Create” Solutions that benefit our clients and to enhance their finance . That is why we keep you informed of all options available. If we are needed WE ARE THERE FOR YOU.

We Are Partners

We are committed to long term relationships not short term gains. We realize that the long term survival, growth and relationship of our clients is synonymous to that of our own. We understand that responsiveness and support is a vital necessity for our clients.

We Are Consultative

We listen to what our clients have to say about what they want and need. We realize that we do not know everything about our client’s and benefit from learning from what our clients have to teach us. We believe that the only way we can enjoy our work is when our clients feel heard, happy and valued.

We Are Progressive

We do not take our successes – or our client relationships – for granted. We are constantly on the lookout for the latest finance options worldwide, searching for the best finance deals, we networking with Financial lenders and experts for the latest solutions. We understand the pace of change in the industry and strive to stay ahead of the curve for our clients’ benefit.

We Are Well Managed

We believe in creating an environment which supports our operating philosophy of 100% client satisfaction. The Ascend tailored finance are not only courteous and professional, but they are also educated in the importance of meeting customers’ needs. As an organization, we are dedicated to saving time and money for our customers through sound advice, creating more finance options and working with our clients to throughout their financial future. That is why our staff are fully qualified.

We Are Committed To Quality & Service

The principal component of good finance deal is honesty and the very best option available to you our client. We are so sure of our products and our expertise that we offer a Service Level Guarantee on our response and dedication to getting you the best option.

We Are an Integrated Solutions Provider

We are at the cutting edge of Finance. Our finance brokers are using only the latest technology and systems therefore ensuring that our clients have the very best options available.

We Are Networked

Our network of finance partners around the world give Ascend the privilege of tapping into a vast wealth of finance information and solutions within the industry.

We Are Long Term Focused

Given our current position as an finance solutions provider that is globally linked, Ascend tailored finance has set its sights on becoming a long term finance partner to all our clients. We believe that a long term relationship should be the standard in the industry and we want to achieve this through Passionate about delivering high-quality service that puts the client at the centre, whilst building long-term relationships that are build on transparency,honesty, integrity, and trust




Johnny Chen is the Director of Ascend Tailored Finance. Johnny graduated from Monash University
with a Bachelor of Business (Law and Management), and has spent ten years working in different roles
at one of Australia’s Big Four banks. It was during his time as a Relationship Manager, looking after a
portfolio of high-net-worth clients, that he discovered his passion for providing tailored finance solutions f
or his clients, and connecting them with the knowledge and resources they need to achieve their financial goals.

Johnny recently made the decision to start his own business, after realizing his favorite part of his job
was being a part of his clients’ lives – from buying their first homes to growing their families – and
sharing in their joy as they achieved financial freedom. As the Director of Ascend Tailored Finance,
he enjoys working with his clients on a more hands-on basis, and going above and beyond to find the
best finance options for their current circumstances and needs.

Johnny takes pride in his genuine and proactive approach to serving his customers. He will always take
the time to understand his clients’ current circumstances and financial goals, before embarking on a
meticulous planning and preparation process to identify well-curated solutions to get them closer to where
they want to be financially.

Outside of work, Johnny likes to live an active lifestyle, whether that’s running a half marathon, completing
a spartan course, or helping members at the gym he recently started to achieve their fitness goals.
He is also an avid solo traveler, and enjoys stepping outside of his comfort zone by experiencing new
countries and different cultures.

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Clients' Testimonials

  • Johnny has great rapport building with his clients which assists in gaining the clients trust they will be looked after. With so much competition currently in the finance world, providing great quality service seems to be the key to being sucessful. He also has had extensive knowledge in lending knowledge.
    Johnny’s lending and financial skills are excellent. During my time as a lender at Comm Bank, Johnny was my ‘go to’ to run certain scenarios to determine if we had a deal to proceed with. I understand after my time at Comm Bank, Johnny was also a sucessful lending coach. And i had some ex-colleagues mention the level of support he provided during his time as a coach was above and beyond what was expected.

    Terry Chew
  • Johnny is a great relationship builder with referrers and clients and is presents himself in a professional manner
    Johnny has great knowledge in this area as he has lead teams and been a coach for a team of mobile lenders. He was someone that helped me to learn the ropes as lender when I first started out in CBA
    Johnny is always there when you need him and always willing to help anyone in any situation whether it was personal or professional you can also rely on Johnny to be there

    Navare Tuai
  • I Found ascend finance and Johnny a pleasure to deal with.I highly recommend his services Johnny completely understood us through the total process.
    We felt treated as not just a customer,total thumbs up for Johnny

    C Hockings
  • Clear, concise and passionate about helping others
    10 plus years with CBA dealing with complex structures and extractions
    Quick to respond via email or phone. And will proved clear steps and time frames

    Sam Smith

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